Early Childhood

EARLY CHILDHOOD (Pre-Kindergarten)
The Chester Upland School District is committed to providing the youngest members of our community with a pre-kindergarten program of the highest quality. It is our belief all children can and will besuccessful today and in the future if provided with an engaging, active, learning environment.

About Our Programs 
Our District operates Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and kindergarten programs in all elementary schools. Our three year olds will be able to have a two year pre-school experience before entering the kindergarten program.   Our goal is to help all our youngsters connect to the school community early in their academic careers therefore creating intellectual and social bonds which will carry them through their school experiences.

All our classrooms nurture children's emotional security, positive self-concept, and respect for others. Teachers gear experiences towards promoting a sense of identity and belonging within the classroom and school community.  

All teachers are Pennsylvania certified in early childhood education and each classroom has a highly qualified teaching assistant.  Our staff is committed to providing your child with the best pre-school education in a safe, nurturing environment.  Class sizes are small and allow our staff to work closely with individual children to best meet their academic and social needs.

    Guiding Principles
Language and early literacy development must be supported and integrated throughout all aspects of our early childhood education program.

Young children learn best when they are able to construct knowledge through meaningful play and active exploration of the environment.

The learning environment should stimulate and engage their curiosity of the world around them, as well as meet their physical and emotional needs so that they will feel safe and secure.

Registration Process
You can register for CUSD Pre-K and Kindergarten programs at your neighborhood elementary school from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. daily throughout the school year.

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