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Happy Thursday! (22 school days until Spring break!)

Today is a B day.

Date last updated; 2/25/21 

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Unless otherwise posted, Lunch bundles are given out on Wednesdays from 10 am to 4pm at the High School


Student Question/ Talking times; Time to talk to other students (Tell Mr. Reiss you want to sign up for one of these time slots).Times may change, please be flexible.


12:25  1)_____________,2)____________.3)_____________4)_____________

2:00   1)______________,2)____________.3)____________4)______________



Microwave Cooking Video Links -Baked Potato  -Mug Cake       -24 assorted microwave meals! Thank you Destiny! satisfying salads!-Thank you Destiny! -Arts and Crafts project. Thank you Ms. Laury! -Macaroni and cheese from scratch in the microwave! Quick and Delicious High Protein Meals-Thank you again Destiny! - Grocery Skills video to Social Skills video Waking up in the morning How to apologize -Personal Hygiene -Drug and alcohol abuse -Anti smoking comercials     Active listening  -Conflict resolution -Job Interview Skills Things to do in your free time  10  minute healthy meals  -How to dress for a job interview -What to expect at your first job How to make new friends on me music video Living in the city by TJ Davis -Hello Young Lovers -Pac Man Fever video -25 coping skills -6 tips for your first job interview - Self advocacy skills  -Employability skills All 8 skills -''Soar'' video  -7 healthy habits Phineas and Ferb get busted  part I   Phineas and Ferb get busted part 2  Phineas and Ferb get busted part 4  Understanding Empathy -example of empathy from Inside Out movie -Taking Responsibility  -How a teen should interview for a job     -Example of a bad job interview -example of good job interview      -Bike Helmet safety   -soft job skills in the work place    -6 most important soft skills for a job  -Billie Jean ; Michael Jackson music video -Stevie wonder; Do I Do music video -Lionel Richie; Dancing on the ceiling -Men Without Hats; Safety Dance  -Weird Al Yancovic; Eat it  Peter Gabriel  Sledgehammer video -Recognizing the size of the problem  Kids ask Tom Holland Difficult questions tips to boost confidence -How to become a problem solver   -Heart warming video. "The Present"  -secret to getting better at  talking to people  -Never give up, a traditional cheese shop animated shaort  Why soft skills How to practice patience 6 tips for active listening being a good listener  a pep talk from kid president 20 things we should say more often from Kid President  virtual tour of Australia Zoo field trip to Burt's Pumpkin Patch -virtual tour of an animal shelter -12 tips for a positive attitude Happy Birthday to you  -Home Safety   -the golden rule of friendship  How to prevent kitchen fires  bee friend course episode 5; How to read body language  Body language signs  Snack Attack animated short video  How to sleep better  workout video -Academy award winning animated short -Work out video #2     covid video sorting laundry    7 life skills for anyone living on their own for the first time Life Skills at home- Cooking breakfast    26 Quick recipes for Dinner

****  grilled cheese hacks   laundry skills shot animated film; "Coin Operated"   -For the Birds animated short Guess the Pixar voice How to make your bed like a Hotel cleaning the entire house video get a baby to clean the house -Amazon rainforest virtual field trip location of Amazon Rainforest  Philadelphia Virtual field trip Philadelphia Zoo virtual tour

*** All day Microwave meals from Alvin 

**** -1 minute mug pizza in the Microwave

****  -5 microwave mug ideas 10 microwave hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier! 31 Fun things to do for Halloween! (stuck at home)  Halloween in 2020 be like 12 easy Halloween Hacks! Halloween costume ideas 2020! 2020 Halloween ideas. A frightfully fun family night!   Worst Candy Bar test  kitchen safety   -Food and Kitchen safety  -Spookiest Halloween Music videos!   -Clean your kitchen like a scientist  I made only one pan recipes for a day  -How to make the best hot chocolate of all time (4 ways)   -Pizza Lovers only! Tasty recipes Hot Chocolate recipes to warm you up!  I made only egg recipes for a day  I made only 3 ingredient recipes for a day -Teen voices- coping with the pamdemic Marine land Dolphin adventure field trip  -Ever wonder how cheese is made?  -Milk chocolate from scratch, how it's made -5 awesome DIY Thanksgiving craft ideas   - Easy side dishes for Thanksgiving  -What is gratitude   -Is it a sandwich ? 5 grilled cheese recipes  healthy and easy meals  What's for dinner, cheap and easy -Video games work out  Yoga for the classroom  Yellowstone National Park   Valley Forge National Park   Fun Friday; Cha Cha Slide    Wardrobe; Do's and don'ts in the work place    saving and spending money  How to save money    How to fill out a job application   6 tips for an awesome job interview      three ways to make breakfast quesadillas    Winter clothing hacks you need to know     How to make friends at work   Personal and social behavior    social behavior; being responsible      Helping others helps our well being        Eight Employability Skills       Five signs someone is a fake friend       How we can demonstrate responsibility at work        10 differences between good friends and toxic friends     Showing respect to other people's property    Student phone etiquette  cell phone use at work   Responsibilities of employees   developing positive work habits    Accepting help from others     How to ask for help and why you should  Taking a phone message   Coach Bell, Work out video!    helping others  Learning to receive a compliment   Top work place dos and don'ts  How to give compliments  10 steps to washing your hands   How to be more accepting of others   Making an apology  12 days of Christmas by Penatonix  RSVP video  workplace etiquette    Employee Responsibilities  Responding to complaints  Your a mean one Mr. Grinch-by Penatonix   Building Trust -How to send a gmail 9 Easy 3 ingredient desserts 2 ingredient recipes- Thank you Breajhia!

Mar 9 Half Day for Students Afternoon PD for Teachers

Mar 17 Half Day for Students Afternoon PD for Teachers

Mar 29 – Apr 5 Spring Recess (Schools Closed)

May 7 Half-Day for Students / Parent-Teacher Conferences

May 28 Half-Day for Students & Teachers

May 31 Memorial Day Holiday

Jun 11 High Schools Closed: Senior Graduation Day for Seniors Jun 11 & 14 Half-Day for Students / Records Day for Teachers

Jun 14 Last Day for Students (gr PK-11)

Jun 15 Last Day of School for Teachers




A/B Fridays 

2/26/2021 B Day

3/5/2021 A Day

3/12/2021 B Day

3/19/2021 A Day

3/26/2021 B Day

4/2/2021 Break

4/9/2021 A Day

4/16/2021 B Day

4/23/2021 A Day

4/30/2021 B Day

5/7/2021 A Day Half-Day

5/14/2021 B Day

5/21/2021 A Day

5/28/2021 B Day

6/4/2021 A Day

6/11/2021 Graduation No School











iXL Link; in


Speech Times

Daniel/Jamel; 10 am & 1:30 pm- Wednesday

Khalil/ Laila 10 am & 1:30 pm-Thursdays

Khaterah/Jamie ; 12 noon-Tuesdays

Ricky/Mahkai; 10:30-Thursday

Daniel; O.T. 10:30-Wednesday


 Please send me an e-mail with any questions or concerns;







Friday (B)


Faculty/Staff Check In




Mr, Reiss' class 









Mr. Reiss' class










Mr. Reiss' class


*Social Skills Group (11-1130)










 Mr. Reiss' Class



 Mr. Reiss' class



 Mr. Reiss' class




Music-Rev. Brown

Gym-Mr. Reiss

Music-Rev. Brown

Gym-Mr. Reiss

Music-Rev. Brown

Gym-Mr. Reiss


Mr. Reiss' class



*-Social skills group-Matthew, Kevin. Makai, Laila, Khaterah,Destiny, Breajhia

Speech Schedule; To be determined



Student Learning Plan

Grade: 12 plus

Teacher: Reiss Assistant: Ms.Laury

Subject: Life Skills/Transition

The Week of:


PA Standards addressed in this Learning Plan:





By the end of this Learning Plan, you will know and be able to:



General Instructions for you to complete this week’s Learning Plan:


Task 1:


Task 2:


Task 3:


Task 4:.


You will need the following to complete this week’s Learning Plan:

District Chrome book, Home desk top or Lap top and/or smart phone



You are considered present as a participant in the flexible instructional day once you completed the following task by demonstrating the ability to become independent.



You can demonstrate your learning by: communicating via Zoom, completing lessons on IXL,and reporting in a journal your progress at becoming more independent for a decided upom microwave cooking task.


If you would like to learn more about this you can: email Mr. Reiss at; areiss@chesterupland or text me on my cell phone # I have provided you with.


If you were experiencing difficulty with this Learning Plan you can: set up a time to talk with Ms. Laury (teacher assistant) and/ or Mr. Reiss







The Importance of Staying Connected and Engaged

As we continue to adjust, please encourage teammates and classmates to check in on each other. Our athletes need us now more than ever!



Mr. Reiss Has his Bachelor's in Science for Special Education from West Chester University(2000)

Teacher at the Pathway School from 2001-2013

Teacher at Chester High School from 2013-present

12 plus Life Skills Teacher

PAES Lab/Chester Coffee Cart/Paper Shredding Service

I am married and have two teenage boys.

I am currently the Unified Bocce Ball Coach at Chester High School.

Ms. Laury is the 12 plus class room's Teacher's assistant. She is a graduate of Neumann University (1984). She has worked in CUSD for 20 plus years. She has held positions of substitute teacher and long term substitute in addition to assistant teacher.

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