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As students engage in African American history they will travel within the African continent learning the impact Blacks have had

on the history of the world. As they progress through time they will learn of the ongoing affects of the Diaspora and the African American people up to the present time. 

As a teacher I  realize this is an ever changing and growing history of truth as knowledge that has been hidden or omitted is revealed. The journey of African American history is an opening look into every aspect of life both past and present.

In 2005 the Philadelphia public school district became the first in the country to establish a mandatory African American history graduation requirement. Now students spend an entire year looking at the African American experience. 


It is my intent to do my best to ensure students gain a greater insight and understanding of this rich history. It is also my hope that students will go on to research throughout time the hidden and often buried truths of Black history.  


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