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Mr. Hrisko

9th Grade English

ELA Skills and Support (Read 180)


My Zoom Classroom and Office Hours

*** The new Virtual Schedule is available on my Google Classroom pages, so please go there to in order to view what has changed.


The link to my Zoom room is listed above, and will be used for each and every class period to avoid confusion (clicking on it will take you directly to the zoom classroom). You just need to follow the schedule for when to join the Zoom classroom. Listed below are when my classes will meet:


My Zoom Classroom and Office Hours

Daily Schedules
Every "A" Day:                                                                 

Period 1 - Honors English 9 - 8:13 to 9:04                      

Period 3 - English 9 Academic - 9:55 to 10:46                

Period 10 - ELA Skills and Support 10 - 1:49 to 2:40


Every "B" Day:

Period 5/6 - English 9 Academic - 10:46 to 11:37

Period 9 - English 9 Academic - 12:58 to 1:49

Homework Help/Tutoring - 1:49 to 2:40 (only Tuesdays and Thursdays)


Office Hours - These will be available on the opposite days that you actually meet on Zoom each day, during what the schedule calls "Asynchronous." For example, if on A day you see your Period 1 class from 8:13 to 9:04, you can go for help on every B day during that same exact time, and the same applies for every other period too. Refer to the updated schedule posted online for more information.


Mondays and Wednesdays: A Day

Tuesdays and Thursdays: B Day

Fridays: Rotate between A Day and B Day

* I will always be sure to mention what the upcoming Fridays will end up being through my teacher webpage, Google classroom, and in our Zoom meetings.

My Zoom Classroom and Office Hours


Classwork and Homework

Most of our work will be completed and submitted through the assessments on GradPoint and through Google Classroom. I have already added everyone to their specific Google Classrooms (it should show up as which period you would normally meet for a normal class period), so all you have to do is log into your Google account and you will see my class already added, so you only need to click "Join" to access the class. Below are links to each individual Google Classroom as well to make getting there easier, but remember to be logged into your school Google account, not your private one (otherwise, none of this will work).

Google Classroom Links:

Period 1

Period 3

Period 5/6

Period 9

Period 10

Once you are logged in, you will be able to view and respond to any assignments that are posted. Google Classroom will also be where we have timed assignments and discussions that involve the whole class, but I will always direct you there while in class if there is ever a time to do so.

Zoom Policy

Policy Overview: During the course of virtual learning for the 2020-2021 school year, students will be required to access live classes via Zoom. During these sessions, I  will be presenting a live audio and video feed. Students will not be asked to also present live video and audio during most class sessions. There are other and equally efficient ways to determine class engagement. However, during specific class sessions, students will be given the option to turn audio and video on.

Live Audio / Video Options: Students will be given the option to provide live video and audio during specific class sessions. Students will know of these class sessions in advance and given the opportunity to set themselves up in an area appropriate for live video and audio. Again, these class sessions with student audio and video will not be required, but optional for students if they want to take full advantage of this type of engagement.


Names: When joining a Zoom classroom, you must remember to include both your first and last name. This is for both your safety, so we know random people won't be trying to join the classroom, and so I know what your name is when I do let you in, so I can mark you as present. Otherwise, I won't be admitting unknown names into any classes. Even if you belong in the class, but you don't have your real name listed, you'll be denied entry into the class and marked absent. 

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