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Make sure you shutdown your chrome books each day for this week at least.  You will  NEED TO UPDATE TO THE NEWEST CHROME VERSION IN ORDER TO TAKE THE CDT TESTS.  This can only happen if you keep shutting down their devices each day so it can catch up. 

 We need to get to version 83 at least (85 is the newest version)

1.Sign in to your chrome books

2.Go to bottom right corner where you see the date and the wifi signal bars, click on that

3.Go to the top of that window and click on the settings wheel (looks like a cog)

4.On left, go down to About chrome os and click on that

5.New window opens, click on “check for updates”

6.If it says you need an update, click on that bar.

7.Shut down machine

8.You may have to repeat this a couple days in a row to get it up to at least version 83.


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Classroom Phone #610-447-2608 (upon return to building)

Cell Phone Upon E-Mail Request: 


                 6.3  VIRTUAL SCHEDULE (09/02/20)

6.3 SCHEDULE 090220


CLICK on link (left) to see how to join Welcome To My Google Classroom.

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virtual classroom expectations


   2020 SYLLABUS  

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Especially For You!



Teacher Bio and Special Notes

My name is Mrs. Debra Moore and I have had the privilege of being a part of Toby Farms School since 2014. I  I am so excited to be your 6th grade Science teacher. I currently live in Philadelphia, PA. but I enjoy my hike to Chester, PA. 

In my classroom, you will be cared for, valued and supported.  I believe students learn science by doing science.  It is my hope that in doing so, my students will learn life skills that are critical for their continued success in  middle school that carries on through high school, college  and their future careers.. 

While we are not in the physical building at this moment, you can still engage in a learning experience using your phones, tablets, laptops,game system or desk tops through Google classroom.  There you can complete assignments, ask questions, receive feedback as well as check your ungraded completed assignments.   It provides a great source of communication.   Attendance is mandatory and will be taken daily in each class.   I highly recommend that you "ZOOM IN...ALL IN!

I am looking forward to seeing you in the near future. 

Click here to access Ms. Moore's Zoom Classroom.   


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