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The following schedule started September 1st, 2020, and may change in January when we tentatively return to the building. When your class time begins, click on the appropriate link provided, below:

boxingchin upsleg day


Click the links below to enter the zoom room.

3rd Grade-10:45-11:30

1st Grade-11:30-12:15

4th Grade-1:00-1:45

2nd Grade-1:45-2:30

6th or 5th Grade-2:30-3:15 (6th grade will be on A weeks and 5th grade will be on B weeks)

drinking watercooking


Cell Phone #: Available Upon Request

8/28/20 Update: 

1. Go to

    2. Click sign-in in the upper right-hand corner

    3. Sign in to Google with the user name (student email address) and password (students first two

        initials (capitalized) four digits and then lower case first and last initial

    4. Choose student

    5. Choose a classroom to join

       * If there is no class available click the + at the top right hand corner.

    - Type in the class code found on the teacher webpage and join the class requested. To retrieve this code, find your child's class link on the left side of the screen, click on it and you should see it in the announcement section.


Find some health & fitness tips, as well as lessons on Mr. Hay's Youtube Channel:


Now his 6th year in the district, and 4th year at Stetser Elementary-Mr. Hay serves as the K-6 Health & Physical Education Teacher. 


With experience in breakdancing, gymnastics, martial arts, calisthenics, and acting, Mr. Hay brings a unique set of skills to the table. His aim is to demonstrate what it means to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit through what he has learned, and to expand upon that knowledge and experience by learning from the students, as well.




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