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***Wednesdays will be early dismissals at 11:45***

*In the event *that our zoom goes out and we cannot join on any particular day or time, please follow the activities below as your asynchronous work for the day:

Mystery Science activities (link and assessment):



Math Fact Practice:

1.   (6,7 and 8's)

2.  (Multiplication Grid)

3. Complete Practice Buddy 7-5

ELA/Reading :

1. (Choose three of these people. For each person,  watch the video about them, write three interesting facts and write a two or three sentence summary of their life.) 

2. Complete in your Close Reader Workbook:       

    "Zap! Pow! A History of Comics " p 68-71



Return to Learn

Dear Learning Community, I trust that this communication, finds you safe and warm. Please be advised that Phase II of our Return to Learn Plan for in-person learning will resume on February 16, 2021. Below please find the grade levels that will participate in person learning on the following dates:

February 16, 2021, Grades PK-2

March 2, 2021 , Grades 3-12


Attention Parents: Report Cards

Report Cards are now available 

To get to Home Access Center do the following: (This is also in the 2021 CUSD Student Handbook)

1.       Proceed to:

2.       Click “Online Resources” on the left side of the website, choose “eschoolPLUS Resources”

3.       Under “eschoolPlus Resources” you will find “Home Access Center”

4.       Click on “Home Access Center”

5.       Type in the User Name bar, your child’s username credentials.  (i.e.  jsmith1003323 )

6.       Type in the Password bar, your child’s password credentials. (i.e. ??0000??)

7.       Once in to Home Access Center, click on the icon that is red with an A+ inside of it (Grades)

8.       Your Interim Report grades are now being shown with comments to go along with the grades.


Ms. Allen's (Building Substitute)  Zoom Link:


To Access Zoom:

1. Click on the link above.

2. Click the "Open Zoom" box in the pop-up window (you do not need to download the app). You will see a message that says, "Please wait for the host to start the meeting". 

3.Please wait patiently as I welcome you into the room. 


Mr. Kirkwood's Google Classroom Link:

Class Code: tesxli4

Google Classroom Access 

Below are steps for students to access google classroom. 

1. Go to

    2. Click sign-in in the upper right-hand corner

    3. Sign in to Google with the user name (student email address) and password         (students first two initials (capitalized) four digits and then lower case first             and last initial)

    4. Choose student

    5. Choose a classroom to join

       * If there is no class available click the + at the top right hand corner.

    - Type in the class code found on the teacher web page and join the class                   requested.


** Students do not have access to email. This email was generated to allow students to access Google Classroom. **

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