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Technology is an integral part of Chester Upland School District culture. Our plan is to infuse technology into all elements of school life. Rather than learning about technology, administrators and educators will learn to use technology for student advancement. It is our goal through the immersion of technology students, families, and district personnel will develop an understanding of technology to create the “Ideal Learning Environment”.


Our Goals

  • Educating our school community in the use of current and future technologies.
  • Using technology to improve reading, math, science, social studies, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Developing methods to integrate technology into the curriculum.
  • Providing on-going professional development for our staff in the uses and applications of technology.
  • Produce students who are life-long learners.
  • Prepare students effectively for the transition from school to work and post secondary career opportunities.
  • Promote family and community involvement in student education.


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Technology Links

E-Mail NEC Phone System
How to access CUSD E-mail (Windows XP) 
How to access CUSD E-mail (Windows 2000)
Telephones: getting started guide
Voicemail: getting started guide
Educational Technology Computers

Promethean Board Resources
Pennsylvania Level 1 Skills Course
                            How to gain access to blocked websites for Staff

Laptop Cart Policy
Copiers & Printers Acceptable Use
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  View STEM's Google G-Suite Parental Approval Letter and Terms 

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Contact Information

CUSD Technology Department
1st Floor, 232 W. 9th Street
Chester, PA 19013

Thomas Johnson
Interim Director of Technology
Phone: 610-499-3161
Fax: 610-499-2683

Carmen Santana
Help Desk Coordinator/Secretary
Phone: 610-447-3552
Fax: 610-447-3584

Christopher Orr
Instructional Technology Lead
                                                                                Phone:  610-490-3369