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Jeffry Schott

Welcome to the resource page for the Chester Upland School District Business Office.

All invoices from vendors must be sent to

Vendors who have questions around the status of an invoice, please e-mail us at Please include the following:

  • Vendor name
  • Vendor contact information
  • Invoice number
  • Purchase Order number
  • Amount owed
  • Description of goods/services


Charter schools are required to send invoices to the Chester Upland School District by the first day of the month to ensure timely payment. Charter schools are strongly encouraged to reach out to the Child Accounting Office during the prior month to ensure that their invoice is accurate and has been verified with the Chester Upland School District.

Per Public School Code, payments to vendors are made subsequent to the monthly Receivers Meeting, which normally occurs on the third Thursday of each month. A schedule of these meetings for the current year can be found at this link.

Employees with payroll questions can e-mail



Homestead Tax Exemption

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School Tax Information

Chester Upland School District Tax Collectors Information

Chester Upland School District COVID Statement 2020-2021

eCollect Plus Collection Notice


Additional Contact Information

Chester Upland School District
Administration Wing, 1st Floor, Chester High School
232 W. 9th Street
Chester, PA 19013

Chief Business Administrator
Phone: 610-447-3632
Fax:  610-447-3675

Accounts Payable
Phone: 610-447-3635

Phone: 610-447-3554

Phone: 610-447-3890

Phone: 610-447-3432

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