Special Ed Digital Binder

Welcome to the Special Ed Digital Binder

Welcome to the Special Education Digital Binder! This site serves as a repository and warehouse for forms for Special Education staff. Click the folders below to view the file contents.

We hope that the resources provided here are helpful in easing the tremendous workload that each of us have been trusted with. We at the NEW Chester Upland School District have a commitment to our students, the provision of a free and appropriate public education, and a well-rounded, memorable educational experience.
As always, please contact your principal or special education administrator for support in any of these areas.

Thanks, and have a great school year!

--Tom Calvecchio, Drector of Special Education.

P.S. If anyone has additional forms that may benefit the group, please contact me in order to get them up for the good of the team.


ABA Material

Annotated Forms

This folder has examples of all of the forms that you may have to fill out as a special education teacher. Please reference these examples, relative to your daily work.

CUSD Forms

This folder contains all of the forms that you may need to fill out for various students who have IEP's. Many of these forms are NOT located on our IEP writing system and can be printed directly from here.

Data Collection

This folder contains tools to make your work easier, and more efficient. This includes: behavior sheets, parent phone call logs, tips for progress monitoring and FBA data collection

Elementary IEP folder

This folder has all types of present levels for elementary students with IEPs. This includes functional and academic levels.


This folder has descriptive language about the IRLA reading program, as well as detailed information about each level, and their utilized skills, for use in the present levels of IEPS.

Life Skills Support (LSS) Resources

One stop shop for LSS teachers, and those in search of functional curriculum materials, assessments, sample IEP language, and teacher resources.

PCA (SSA) IEP languge / Info

IEP language for adding/removing and fading the supports of a PCA (SSA)

Procedural Safeguards

this packet is used inform parents of their rights as a parent of a child with special needs. Please print one of these for every annual IEP, among other types of meetings.

Progress Monitoring Graph Template

Attached is a template to easily graph and complete progress monitoring, complete with directions and a self graphing spreadsheet.
These graphs can be copied and pasted, printed and reviewed at IEP meetings


This folder includes all necessary forms for completing a re-evaluation (1-7) including related service providers who contribute to these documents

Reading / Math Level Indicator Manual

Reading & Math Level Indicator scoring guides and directions.


This folder contains all necessary documents for RSP in the Chester Upland School District. Sample goal sheets, progress monitoring tools, logs, best practice ideas, and policies and procedures


Specially Designed Instruction / Supplementary Aides and Services

Secondary IEP folder

This section includes all necessary IEP language to complete the various sections of a secondary IEP, including: Present levels, transition, Gaskins questions, and various assessments

SSTL Folder

All things SSTL.

Transition Resources & Assessments

This folder includes all documents necessary to completing a transition plan in the IEP, including: assessments, resources, sample language, and Indicator 13 support