Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts
Instructor: Cheryl Stevens

Education:  Over twelve years of experience in the culinary industry as a restauranteur, caterer and owner of a food manufacturing business.  Work experience includes: Supervisor for a hospital billing company in Delaware and Keystone Mercy Insurance Company in Philadelphia, restaurant owner in the City of Chester, operated a food establishment at the Talen Energy Soccer Stadium in Chester, Pennsylvania and own a manufacturing food business in West Chester.

Program Information

Chester High School offers a three year Culinary Arts program for students beginning in their sophomore year.  This program teaches students food preparation, restaurant management, and hospitality. This hands on curriculum encourages student growth in the areas of organizational skills, sharpening communication and promoting student confidence. Whether students are baking cookies or creating a casserole, the students are gaining the necessary knowledge to enter the culinary field. The classroom's state of the art culinary center is structured to teach students culinary techiques, while building student collaboration. Teamwork is at the core of the Culinary Arts program. The Culinary Arts program focuses on technique while teaching students to prepare culinary works of art.  
In their senior year students can pursue internships with local restaurants, catering companies or event centers.  Internships provide valuable learning experience in a real world setting. Student placement has included the Talen Energy Stadium. Students in their senior year take the NOCTI exam and juniors will take their ServSafe which qualifies them for certifications associated with the culinary arts industry.


The first step to an exciting future is enrolling in the Chester High School Culinary Arts program. Attending culinary classes in high school gives students the opportunity to prepare for a lucrative career while fulfilling academic requirements.  Students in the program will learn about the following topics in the Culinary Arts program at Chester High School:

  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation
  • Kitchen and Food Safety
  • Culinary Terminology
  • Hospitality
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Entrees & Appetizers
  • Sauces & Casseroles
  • Salads, Doughts and Desserts


Career and Technical Education Student Organization


Students in the Culinary Arts program have the opportunity to join the Career and Technical Student Organization "SkillsUSA".  This student organization provides students a chance to network with other students in their occupational area.  It also gives students an opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in the classroom in a compettiive event environment.  Students who join can build leadership qualities and networking skills while in "SkillsUSA".  By being a member students can qualify and apply for scholarships that offered through the organization, attend conferences and travel.


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