Engineering Technologies

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Engineering Technologies
Instructor: Marlon Jones

The Engineering Technologies program prepares students for high-demand, life-sustaining, STEM careers in the engineering, welding, fabricating and manufacturing fields. During the student’s first year, the comprehensive curriculum covers the historical background, philosophy, principles, ethics, power and energy, problem solving, teamwork, safety, and quality control associated with engineering and manufacturing. Throughout this course, students use problem based learning assignments to apply their technical skills and develop an understanding of leadership and cooperation within the engineering field.
Students in the advanced courses delve deeper into project based learning assignments and learn about computer-aided design, electronics, fluidics, hydraulics, mechanical advantage, mechanical drawing, robotics, strength/properties of materials, manufacturing systems and processes, and precision measurement. Students have the opportunity to participate in competitions, and use 3D printers, laser engravers and CNC milling machines, while creating various projects and prototypes. Students are trained on specific industry equipment and have the opportunity to earn many industry-recognized certifications, while enrolled in Engineering Technologies.


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