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Required Background Checks

Last Updated: 3/6/2019 3:26 PM

FBI Fingerprint Clearance - Required

To schedule your appointment, visit https://uenroll.identogo.com and enter Service Code 1KG6XN. You may also call 844-321-2101 to schedule an appointment.


The registration website is available online 24 hours/day, seven days per week.


Major Credit Cards as well as Money orders or cashier’s checks payable to MorphoTrust will be accepted on site for those applicants who are required to pay individually.


No cash transactions or personal checks are allowed.

Fee: $22.60

PA Child Abuse Clearance Act 151 - Required
To obtain PA Child Abuse Clearance  https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS  and obtain forms and information.
For the status of a request, please call the Department of Public Welfare, Childline and Abuse Registry at (717) 783-6211.
Fee: $13.00

PA State Criminal Background Check Act - 34 Required
To link to the PA State Criminal Background Check https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp   
May be completed online or complete the form.
Fee: $27. Payable to the Commonwealth of PA

ACT 168
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law further background check requirements for all individuals applying for school positions in Pennsylvania. The law became effective on December 31, 2014. Under the new law, we are required to ask you and your previous employers to provide full and complete responses to the questions posed on the Act 168 Disclosure Release Form. Employment is contingent on the completion of this form.
Please complete the first page of each form required for your current employer as well as any previous employment that involved working with children. Please provide appropriate employer contact information: contact name, email address and/or fax number. This document also requires your signature at the top of page three.