School Closing

Emergency Response Procedures

The department of School Safety is responsible for ensuring the safety of all students, staff and employees. During emergency conditions, the department will use all its resources to communicate with parents and the community regarding emergency situations.


School Closing Number: 451
If schools are closed due too inclement weather, parents should either watch their local news channel, Channel 11 or visit the Chester Upland School District website (  for information concerning closings and or delayed openings. Parents will be notified prior to any early dismissals due to weather or other circumstances.

During emergency conditions originating from outside of school buildings; students will be instructed to remain in their schools, inside the classroom until further notice. This protocol will remain in effect until the “All Clear” is given.  At which time, the school will then resume normal activities.

Threats originating from inside the school building may result in students being evacuated or sheltered in a new location. Threats originating outside the school may result in lock down. Administrators will decide if students will remain in school or be evacuated according to the threat level at that time. Parents will then be notified and directed accordingly.

It is important that parents follow the directions given by the school district regarding emergency situations.


Stay calm. The district’s goal is safety first.


Parents who choose to come to the school to secure their children will find the following:

  • A central location to pick up your child upon notifying the school that you wish an early dismissal
  • An orderly process for dismissing students will be enforced with your help and cooperation
  • Transportation will be available for students who ride the bus