Clippers Abroad: Chester Upland Students Write Home

We'll be using this site to host blog posts from our alumni and students as they travel the globe and write home to us, sharing their experiences.


Brian Rogers: From Chester to Thailand


Brian Rogers with Topiary Dog

01: My First Week in a New World

Hello, my name is Brian Rogers and I am a native of Chester, Pennsylvania. I attended Stem Academy and am currently enrolled at Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi. This is my first time writing a blog so bear with me as I to try to [click here for more]

Heaven Temple

02: Embracing and Exploring Thailand

Hello, I'm back and so are you, so hi! Heads up, it may seem like I did a lot this week, which is because I did! It has been eventful though, and I have pictures, so hopefully, you won't get bored reading. First things first, a quick update on the food [click here for more]

Grand Place in Thailand

03: Join a Club or Two

First and foremost, I realized I started this blog without recognizing individuals who got me to this point. Without them, I wouldn't be in Thailand studying... [click here for more]


04: Understanding is Key

In my first three entries, I've discussed many great things Thailand has to offer. This time I want to change my focus. As I mentioned before, I study as much as possible. Being an engineering major, my work never ends, in and out of the classroom. So, I try my best to stay... [click here for more]

Boat Tour in Vietnam

05: My Trip to Vietnam

This weekend, a couple of my friends and I took a trip to Vietnam. I should mention that once you are abroad, taking trips to nearby countries is pretty cheap; one of the hidden benefits that come with foreign studies. [click here for more]


06: Final Post

Hello everyone, my time in Thailand has, unfortunately, come to an end. After carefully considering the midterms, finals, and many, many wonderful adventures, I have to say, my stay in another part of the world was [click here for more]


07: Long Time No See!

HelloThe past two weeks were midterm weeks and I’ve been studying more than ever, particularly since the midterm for the first time will count as  40-50% of our grade.  You can imagine [click here for more]

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