The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the planning and development of educational programs designed to promote academic success; the formulation of educational plans, initiatives and strategies; providing assistance to support continuous school improvement; ensuring that the educational needs of all students are met, including those with diverse learning needs, in areas such as, but not limited to, special education, gifted instruction and differentiation; and ensuring the implementation of programs and practices that support English Language Learners.

Our mission is to ensure that students have rigorous and engaging instructional experiences that promote high levels of student achievement; therefore, teachers and principals are provided with ongoing, high-quality staff development and resources. This staff development is based on needs aligned to our students’ formative and summative assessment data.



Chester Upland School District staff follows the belief that data informs instruction and that good daily instruction will improve achievement. Instruction should be engaging and differentiated to meet the academic needs of all students. Multiple assessments are used to inform instruction. Assessments include, but are not limited to: Acadience Reading formerly known as Dibels (K-6th grades), Classroom Diagnostic Tools (3rd – 12th grades), Core Curriculum Unit Tests, Fountas & Pinnel Leveled Literacy Assessments, Imagine Math & Literacy Benchmarking, Fundations, IXL, Read I80 & Math 180. Teachers use all forms of student achievement data formatively in order to develop relevant, responsive pedagogy.


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