Chester HS Laptop Cart Signout

Laptop carts are available for signout for teachers. The distribution of those carts is listed here:

  • There are two carts for the second floor C side located in Ms Foreman's room (C203)
  • There is one cart for fourth floor A side located in Ms Archibald's room (A408)
  • There are two carts for fifth floor A side located in Dr. Wright's (A510) and Mr Dowling's (A532)


In order the share the laptop carts, there is a calendar to reserve the carts. To check which carts have been reserved, click on this link to the calendar on the desired date to see the status of the carts. To reserve a cart, email Mr. Buonocore and he will add you to the calendar at a first email, first serve basis.


When you reserve a laptop cart, you assume responsibility for it. Please make sure all the laptops and chargers are returned to the cart at the end of the reservation. If there is any damage or other issues please notify Mr. Buonocore or Mr. Thompson.