Robin Moore's Classroom

  • Hello my Future Stars and parents

    My name is Mrs. Moore and I will be your child's second grade teacher this year. I have been teaching for eighteen years. I received my Bachelors Degree from Mercyhurst College and my Master's from Cheyney University. I chose teaching to inspire, encourage and make life long learners of my children. I love to read and shop.

    In the words of  Mary McLeod Bethune  "Believe In yourself learn,and never stop wanting to Build a Better Word". 

    I am very excited to meet you and start the new year. Second grade is a fun year full of  learning a lot of new things. This year will be especially fun as we navigate learning on the web together.  Parents and students ,while you are home please know that your teachers and administration have been working very hard so that this virtual experience is fun as well as educational.This is a new learning experience for us as well as you. I have put your  assignments in google classroom which you can access through google classroom . I have posted the direction for easy access on my web page. We will work in  Imagine Math/Reading here is the  SITE CODE 4205860. In case you forgot your sign in boys and girls its your first and last initial along with your lunch number. I will be checking the system to see if you are going on for at least 30 minutes per day in each one . This will help you improve your reading and math skills. 

    I have enclosed my email in case you have any questions. Parents I invite you to join our class on Tuesday September 1,2020 at 8:45 for a brief get to know you.

    Looking forward to a Great Year !!!! 

    Parents below is my zoom room where I can be reached for live chat. In addition to my live zoom chat I can be reached via email also just click on my email, zoom room and or google classroom to reach me .



    Lunch 11:30-12:00

    Office Hours: 3:00-3:45


    Google Classroom:  Student assignments will be posted to Google Classroom weekly.

    Below are steps for students to access Google Classroom:

    1. Go to

    2. Click sign-in in the upper right-hand corner.

    3.  Sign in to Google with the user name (student email address) and password (student's first two initials [capitalized] four digits and then lower case first and last initial

    4.  Choose student

    5.  Choose a classroom to join

        *If there is no class available, click the + at the top right corner.

    Type in the class code found below  and join my google class . (Make sure to type the class code exactly as it is written, with lowercase letters).

    Google Class Code: bjadjld


    To get to Home Access Center do the following: (This is also in the 2021 CUSD Student Handbook)

    1.       Proceed to:

    2.       Click “Online Resources” on the left side of the website, choose “eschoolPLUS Resources”

    3.       Under “eschoolPlus Resources” you will find “Home Access Center”

    4.       Click on “Home Access Center”

    5.       Type in the User Name bar, your child’s username credentials.  (i.e.  jsmith1003323 )

    6.       Type in the Password bar, your child’s password credentials. (i.e. ??0000??)

    7.       Once in to Home Access Center, click on the icon that is red with an A+ inside of it (Grades)

    8.       Your interim grades are now being shown with comments to go along with the grades.