Colleen Wellstein's Classroom

  • Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

    My name is Ms. Wellstein, and I will be your child's kindergarten teacher. I've had lots of kindergarten teaching experience, and I'm very excited to work with you and your child this year.

    School is in session Monday through Friday 8:45-3:45. Virtually, of course. Attendance is mandatory, so please help your child log into zoom every day. Use my zoom link above to access my daily zoom meetings. This is where I will teach live and explain all assignments. We will work together to master the technology and the kindergarten work.

    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at any time. My email address is also listed above.

    A virtual start to the school year is very different from anything we've done in the past, but I'm certain we can get through this together.

    Take care! Stay safe!


    Accessing Report Cards/Interim Reports:

    To get to Home Access Center, do the following: (This is also in the 2021 CUSD Student Handbook)

    1.       Proceed to:

    2.       Click “Online Resources” on the left side of the website, choose “eschoolPLUS Resources”

    3.       Under “eschoolPlus Resources” you will find “Home Access Center”

    4.       Click on “Home Access Center”

    5.       Type in the User Name bar, your child’s username credentials.  (i.e.  jsmith1003323 )

    6.       Type in the Password bar, your child’s password credentials. (i.e. ??0000??)

    7.       Once in to Home Access Center, click on the icon that is red with an A+ inside of it (Grades)

    8.       Your report card or interim grades are now being shown with comments to go along with               the grades.