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  • Looking Ahead

    Hi there,

    What a relief to begin to get things back on track. I've been thinking about each of you over these past weeks. My hope and prayer is that you and your whole family are healthy, well and safe.


    We are going to create a way to keep moving ahead together and we will all be better for these times.  I will post weekly assignments on this page.  Assignments are to be completed weekly and I will post grades the following week. I strongly recommend that you create SOME TIME each day to work on math.


    My job now as a teacher is to learn how to teach remotely.  I intend to have math classes be a bit challenging, have you grow and be fun as well.


    Your job now as a student is to learn how to learn and grow from a distance.


    I can and will help with anything you need to progress in Math. I will post daily Office Hours when you can reach me by email or video conference. We will figure it all out together. 


    Please give my regards to your parents (I want them to read this as well).

    All the best!

    Mr. Pines

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