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There's a pot of gold at the rainbow's end.


Here I am providing as many diverse FREE math experiences as I can find on the web.  Please spend some time going through them. Remember:  Practice is important!


My recommendation is that you start at the beginning even if you feel like you know this piece. Review can help you deepen your understanding and may even give you new ways to think about how to solve more challenging problems. 


The key here is to create and stick to a schedule, but take your time....  I suggest that you work in (at least) 15-20 minute sessions, several times each day. Split it up so you have 3 or 4 separate Math sessions during the day.  Between session, stand up, walk around (take your dog for a walk), get a snack (not too much sugar!), and so something else.


With a little preparation, I believe you will get everything done so as to turn in assignments on time.


You can do this!!!

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