Week of April 27, 2020

Grade 8 Flexible Learning Options





Pearson Realize Interactive Student Workbook.

Please do about 30 minutes of math each day.

Please log into Pearson Realize from Mr. Pines’ Google Classroom, the CUSD Site, or use this link:


Login in with your id  (first initial, last number, and student ID #) and password

2.  Select Math; Interactive Student Edition 8th grade

3. Click Topic 2– Analyze and Solve Linear Equations


Task 1: Complete Vocabulary Activity (Page 175 SE)

*This week, the writing requirements will be fulfilled in the content areas. 

Task 1: Read and Complete all parts of Lesson 2-3 (Solve Multistep Equations) and take the Quiz (make sure you complete and turn in your quiz).

Task 2: Watch video clip on Analyze Stories: Historical Fiction


Task 2: Read and Complete all parts of Lesson 2-4 (Equations with No or Infinite Solutions) and take the Quiz (make sure you complete and turn in your quiz).

Task3: Read “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” (Pages 167-173 SE) 


Task 3: Complete 3 full Sections of IXL Math 8 online. 

Task 4: Answer comprehension questions 2, 5 and 6. (Page 174 SE)


Task 4: Watch the short film Math is an adventure and write a 3 -5 paragraph essay explaining 3 things you learned about math from watching.

Task 5: Choose 2 activities from Choice Board.


Task 5: Choose 3 tasks from this weeks choice board




Social Studies


Spend ½ hour on Science in IXL.

Topic ~ Thirteen Colonies/ Colonial America

Task  1 ~ Chart

Create a chart on the similarities & differences between the New England, Middle & Southern Colonies.  (Location, Climate, Geography, Economy)



See teacher webpage

Read assigned articles in Achieve 3000 and answer the questions that accompany the article. 

Task 2 ~ Research

Research the purpose of Town Meetings  in Colonial America. Describe  the purpose of Town Meetings and identify a problem that resulted from Town Meetings.



See Teacher Web Page

Make sure you can access the Zoom meeting room from your device. If you are having difficulty, please contact me at 215-431-1143

Make sure you are able to login to Google Classroom and access all your classes. If you are having difficulty, please contact me or the teacher of the class you are trying to join.

Task 3 ~ Descriptions

Describe 5 different occupations  in Colonial America. (Blacksmith, Printer, Tailor, Wheelwright, Chandler, Cobbler, Wigmaker)


Task 4 ~ Achieve 3000

Log onto Achieve 3000 and complete the assigned articles (America Looks Back /Live From Jamestown.




See Teacher Web Page

Submit the science assignments using the materials in Google Classroom.

Task 5~ Writing

Research a child’s life in Colonial America. Write a paragraph comparing how your life is similar and different than a child in Colonial America,



See Teacher Web Page