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From 7:50 to 10:00(First Pd) Mondays and Thursdays, and the last half hour of Periods 2,3, and 4 every day.

Hi, I'm Pete Cosfol, Mr. Cos.

I began teaching in the District in 1993 as a General Science teacher.

Since then, I've taught Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science, and Middle School Science.

Currently, I'm teaching Botany and Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Under our current unprecedented circumstances, teaching and learning are changing in ways that we will pioneer together.

Please feel free to share ideas and that will make this experience the best that it can be. 


Students should look at their Google Classroom pages(especially mine) for news, instructions, and assignments.

See my Google Classes at left.


Parents, students, all others, please feel free to contact me at any time at



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