LaDontay Bell's Classroom

  • For the past 18 years, LaDontay Bell has dedicated his life to working with youth. He worked with adjudicated juvenile delinquents upon the completion of his Bachelor's Degree at Cheyney University. LaDontay furthered his career in Criminal Justice as a Probation Officer for the Chester County Juvenile Court System. His passion to help troubled youth caused a transition away from rehabilitating troubled youth to educating them. LaDontay became a Behavior Health Counselor for Crozier Hospital (The New Pathways Program) where he served Chester Upland School District students. It was during that time that LaDontay's work-ethic was noticed and soon became an employee of the Chester Upland School District as a Climate Manager. In the year 2016, LaDontay became a Physical Education Teacher within the Chester Upland School District. LaDontay also serves as the head coach of Chester High School Football.

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     "My calling is to educate, encourage, and inspire people entrusted to me" —LaDontay Bell