About the Blended Learning Program

  • Are you a high-achieving student who feels that you could use greater challenges in one or more areas of your academic program? Is there a course you are interested in that is not offered in your regular course of study? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, our blended learning option may be just the solution you are looking for.

    Blended Learning at the DTDA is offered to students seeking advanced coursework or coursework not offered in their regular course of study. Examples include world languages, upper-level math and science classes, electives not available at our on-site buildings, and even Advanced Placement (AP) courses if there is adequate interest and staff availability.

    Students participating in Blended Learning remain enrolled in their regular school and participate in the blended course remotely with certified teacher support. Students must be able to work independently and must receive the endorsement of their building principal or guidance counselor and a current or former teacher to be given this opportunity for additional credits.

    View the Complete List of Available Courses.

    Applications for Blended Learning are accepted on a rolling basis through March 15 of the calendar year due to the 120-hour minimum expectation for completion. Apply for Blended Learning for the fall semester of 2021.