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    I am a music teacher with over 25 years of experience. I am a two-time graduate of Immaculata University and I earned my Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology, a Master's degree in Music Therapy with a concentration in Grief Counseling. While pursuing my Master's, I earned my certification in Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Immediately after graduation, I attended North Central University where I earned my Post-Master Certification in General Family Therapy. While working with Chester Upland School District, I returned to Immaculata University to complete my Music Education Certificate. I am also certified in Mindfulness Therapy Technique, Neurologic Music Therapy and Guided Imagery Music (Level 1).

    I am a very passionate music teacher and see the intermediate program as the bridge between the elementary music program and the high school. My goal is to lay the foundation for music knowledge and create a music classroom atmosphere where the students see and treat music as a subject that will enable them to build on so that they can pursue music as a career in the future, and not as an extra-curricular activity that only takes place between other classes.


    Hillary Heslop, MAMT
    Music Teacher/Therapist

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    Phone: 215-341-2211 


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