Cheryl Alston's Classroom

  •  Grade 5/Room 316


    Read for 30 minutes every night

    30 minutes each of Imagine Learning /Math daily.

    Readworks code: HWQ4GC




     Meeting ID: 9961638 2418

    Passcode: 918330



    PARENTS...Report Cards are Available !!!!

    To get to Home Access Center, do the following: (This is also in the 2021 CUSD Student Handbook)

    1.       Proceed to:

    2.       Click “Online Resources” on the left side of the website, choose “eschoolPLUS Resources”.

    3.       Under “eschoolPlus Resources”, you will find “Home Access Center”

    4.       Click on “Home Access Center”

    5.       Type in the User Name bar, your child’s username credentials.  (i.e.  jsmith1003323 )

    6.       Type in the Password bar, your child’s password credentials. (i.e. ??0000??)

    7.       Once into Home Access Center, click on the icon that is red with an A+ inside of it (Grades)

    8.       Your interim grades are now being shown with comments to go along with the grades.