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CUSD Facilities Update

CUSD Facilities Update

Dear Chester Upland School District families and stakeholders --

I would like to take this time to give you all an update about our plan to improve facilities for our students, staff, and community, district-wide. This update also includes an update about the tentative plan to move CUSA and STEM for the 2023-2024 school year.

Investing in our facilities is a high priority. Since taking this position, I and other district officials have had the opportunity to engage with many of you during various meetings and events happening within CUSD, and/or the community.

Your feedback is valued and we are encouraged to know that our families and stakeholders are willing, open, and ready to work as a team to meet the needs of our children.

Because of our commitment to hearing your voice in the matters of facility improvements, the district has decided to delay any district-wide moves involving STEM and CUSA for the 2023-2024 school year.

  • CUSA Elementary School will remain at their campus location
  • STEM Academy will remain at their campus location

Over the next several months we will continue to engage stakeholders – parents, students, staff, community members, business leaders, and partners to develop a master facilities plan for the district.

What does this mean?

The district is committed to improving quality educational opportunities for our children. This requires investments in CUSD buildings/schools. These investments will include small or major renovations to buildings, HVAC systems, and other infrastructure needs. These investments are needed to ensure and promote healthy, safe learning environments that your child deserves.

Although we have decided to delay any district-wide moves, several projects have been confirmed to begin next yearThese projects will be completed in phases to account for your concerns and the impact on students, staff, and families. However, we want to stress that a comprehensive, master facilities plan to improve all facilities is essential for the present and future of CUSD.

We want the Chester Upland School District to be a place where more parents choose to enroll their children. We take great pride in this initiative and understand that this commitment will not happen overnight, but with your support, there are things that we can do today to get closer to our goal of creating the best educational spaces possible for our children to thrive.

More information about the exact timeline for these projects will be forthcoming. Soon we will also share more information about the status of developing our master plan that will focus on all district needs. I look forward to seeing you at the community meetings that will be scheduled to keep families and the community informed as we prepare for the 2023-2024 school year.

On behalf of the Chester Upland School District, thank you for staying the course on this journey to improve facilities as part of a greater effort to provide more equitable educational opportunities for our students to compete locally, nationally, and globally in their endeavors. We will continue to make decisions TOGETHER for the betterment of our children!


Dr. Craig L. Parkinson - Superintendent of Schools