• Attire and Grooming Regulations

    Pennsylvania school law permits school districts to establish dress codes to ensure that issues of safety and/or disruption to the educational process or climate aren’t jeopardized. Toby Farms has a dress code that WILL BE strictly adhered to each year. Please note that “street clothes” are ONLY ALLOWED on dress down days or special occasions. Notifications of these days will be given ahead of time. The following is an itemization of clothing or conditions deemed to be inappropriate or attire which will impede or disrupt the educational process or climate of Toby Farms:

    1. Excessive baggy pants or clothing that can conceal items or drag the floor and /or pose a safety hazard ARE NOT permitted.
    2. Excessive baggy pants or revealing clothing where underwear is exposed ARE NOT permitted.
    3. Spandex or skin-tight clothing or leggings ARE NOT permitted, unless a long top is worn over it to cover the entire hip area. Shorts/Skirts/Dresses/
    4. (Tank/spaghetti strap tops *must be 3 finders wide) Low cut, bare midriffs/backs, sheer, or crochets type tops or tops that reveal cleavage or underwear ARE NOT permitted.
    5. Cut-offs, pajama pants, slits in skirts and clothing with revealing holes ARE NOT permitted.
    6. Coats, jackets, hats, gloves, bandanas, book bags and HOODIES ARE NOT permitted!
    7. Inappropriate clothing that promotes violence, drugs or alcohol, are suggestive with writing ,pictures or profanity, the use of tobacco, disrespectful, gang related or neighborhood specific other than “Chester” as a whole ARE NOT permitted.  *This includes tattoos ~ They must be covered if they are offensive.
    8. Open toe shoes/sandals/ thong toe shoes/slides, high heels, NIKE type slides, or bare feet ARE NOT permitted.



  • Gym Uniform for All Students

  • Grade 6 Girls' Uniform

  • Grade 6 Boys' Uniform

  • Grade 7 Girls' Uniform

  • Grade 7 Boys' Uniform

  • Grade 8 Girls' Uniform

  • Grade 8 Boys' Uniform

  • Cold Weather Options