College Resources for Students

  • One of the major functions of our work as counselors is to help prepare our students for the transition from High School into their post-secondary choice. For the majority of STEM at Showalter High School students, that transition is to a 2 or 4 year College or University, but for many students, the next step takes them to a Trade or Technical School, the Military, or into the workforce. We work with students to help create an individualized plan that makes sense for each student based on their long-term goals.

    All of the work we do with students, including selecting appropriate courses, preparing for standardized tests, and meeting individually with students and parents, is part of the process of working toward that goal. In this section, we do our best to provide detailed information on the things that students need to do to prepare for the transition out of High School, the resources that are available to them as they walk down that path, and the ways in which we support them through that process.

    Working with students to set personal College and Career goals is one of the most rewarding things we get to do as counselors. We look forward to supporting our students through this exciting process and are always available to answer specific questions from students and parents as they progress through High School.

What Students Need to Know

  • Options After High School

  • What do I need to do to be ready to apply to college?

  • What do colleges look for in applicants?

  • How do I apply to college?

  • How to Submit College Applications

  • College Application Tracking Worksheet

  • Writing the College Essay

  • SAT and ACT

  • Subject Tests

  • AP Exams


  • Campus Visits

  • College Interviews

  • Sample Interview Questions

  • I'm an Athlete, what do I need to do?