Ms. Thomson's Classroom

  • Hello STEM Academy Parents,

    I am excited that online learning is underway in CUSD. I hope to keep you in constant communication as we continue educating your student. Your student will be completing all of his or her classwork through my Google Classroom page. I have taught at the STEM Academy from 2008-Present as well as Delaware County Community College from 2015-Present. I have earned my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from West Chester University and my Master of Arts in Mathematics from West Chester University. 

    I teach Pre-Calculus and Statistics I. For you reference, descriptions of these courses are provided below: 


    This is a college-prep course and the student will need to demonstrate a high level of responsibility throughout the class.  Topics covered include solving equations (linear, quadratic, radical, polynomial, rational, and absolute value), solving inequalities (linear, polynomial, rational, and absolute value), operations in the Rectangular Coordinate System and the Complex Number System, basic function operations (domain, range, graphing, arithmetic, composition and inverses), and functions (linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic), trigonometric functions, analytic trigonometry, triangle applications of trigonometric functions, polar coordinates and vectors, probability, statistics, sequences and series.  The pace of the course will be very fast, resulting in more frequent tests/quizzes, and high quantities of independent reading, watching videos, and practice problems.

    Statistics I

    Statistics is a problem-based, inquiry-oriented, and technology-rich fourth-year high school mathematics course. It was developed to help ensure student success in college and careers in an increasingly technological, information-laden, and data-driven global society.

    In addition to my webpage, please check our STEM Administration Website frequently for important school updates.

    Please contact me via email with any questions.  


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