Mr. Staples' Classroom

  • Dear Parent/Guardians and Students,

    I hope that you and your family are well. The following below will detail my expectations and procedures for our class.

    Have a blessed day. 


    Mr. Staples, American History and Debate Teacher

    Expectations and Procedures

    • We will meet through Zoom every day as if we are in class. 
    • Come to class on time.
    • Attendance will be taken every day. 
    • Keep yourselves muted, unless given time for questions.
    • Do not change your name on Zoom.
    • Wear appropriate clothing and have an appropriate area for you to learn.
    • Use the chat when appropriate to ask and answer questions. If nervous about asking questions you can message me privately in the chat. Feel free to use the clap and thumbs up emoji throughout class to show understanding
    • During individual work, it will be fine to turn off your video to avoid distractions.

    The schedule is below:

    Period 1: 7:50 am - 9:18 am 
    Period 2: 9:22 am - 1050 am
    Lunch: 10:50 am - 11:25 am
    Period 3: 11:29 am - 12:57 pm
    Period 4: 1:01 pm - 2:29 pm

    Google Classroom

    • Most if not all of your assignments will come through Google Classroom. 
    • Every day you will have an entrance ticket assignment and exit ticket assignment to complete.
    • During your individual assignment, you may be asked to turn off your video.
    • You can send me a private message through Google Classroom on an assignment to ask me a question. 

    Office Hours 

    Through Zoom I will hold office hours after school from 2:30-3:30 Monday through Thursday. These office hours will be used to help with homework, projects or other class assignments/ideas. Also if you need to or want to talk and say hi, just stop by. 


    Homework/Classwork grade will be 30% of your grade. Test/Projects will be 70% of your grade. 
    You will have access to the grades of the assignments you completed through Google Classroom. If you have any issue with these grades talk to me during my office hours or send me a private message through Google Classroom. Official Grades will be posted on  EschoolPlus. I will do my best to update EschoolPlus once every 2 weeks. 


    I know that these are trying times. During this pandemic I know that many of us have lost family and friends to Covid-19, violence and other unforeseen events. I personally have lost several family members and a close friend during this pandemic. I ask that we keep the lines of communication open. If you are enduring difficulties please keep me informed. I would rather you get the necessary help you need (excused from classwork) than to suffer both emotionally and academically. 

    Contact Information