Sheena Hudnell's Classroom

  • Hello Everyone,

    Here we are the start of our year together in Pre-Kindergarten! My name is Ms. Hudnell. I am just as nervous as you to be working on online, but let me tell you We Can Do It, Yes We Can! We will have another teacher working with us everyday and her name is Mrs. Smith. 

    We will meet each day in my zoom room starting at 8:45AM.

    Parents, please have you child's name listed when they come on so we will be able to take attendance. The children will have several opportunities to go away from them computer throughout the day. 

    We will go over specific information that will be helpful to all of us each day this week. Please ask questions and know that I will do my best to answer them. We are in this together.

    Ms.Hudnell and Mrs. Smith




    Supply List: 

    1 Pack crayons

    1 Pack markers

    1 pack construction paper

    Glue Stick

    Child size safety scissors

    1 Composition book


    10 small objects to use for counting

    1 pack of unlined plain paper

    *1 small bottle of bubbles


    Accessing Google Classroom
    1. Go to classroom
    2. Click  add another account in the upper right-hand corner
    3. Sign in to Google with the user name (student email address) click next.   4. Password (students first name and last name initials (capitalized) four digits and then lower case first name and last name initials
    Parents Please email me so I can give you your child's personal log in information.