Food Allergy Policy and Procedures

  • Dear Main Street families:

    Students are given an opportunity to eat a snack or lunch sent from home each day to provide for their nutritional needs. The district is extremely cautious about exposing any student or staff member to substances that may pose extreme health risks.

    We have children and staff members who suffer from life-threatening allergies to peanut or tree nut products (peanut butter, peanut oil, etc.), citrus fruits, latex products, fish and seafood. We ask your cooperation in this health matter by not sending any snacks or lunches that contain these items. Citrus fruits (mandarin or oranges) may be sent in provided they are canned or in a pre-packaged fruit cup.

    Persons who have severe allergies to such food substances are exposed to a health risk when these products are consumed in their environment or shared with them. Please speak with your child about not sharing his or her snack with other children.

    If your child has health problems of any kind, please inform your child’s teacher immediately so that the necessary health steps may be taken.

    Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated in providing for the health needs of our students and staff members.


    Carlena J. Parker Principal