Joanne Blonarowycz's Classroom

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    Welcome to 2020/2021 school year.   We hope you had a great summer!   Have you been staying safe and wearing your mask when you go out of the house?  


    Mrs. B and Ms. Rudolph



    Teacher Assistant:  Ms. Amber Rudolph



    Associate in Science (Accounting):  Peirce Jr. College

    Bachelor in Science (Psychology):  Widener University

    Master in Science (Educational Leadership):  Immaculata University

    Personal Life:

    I have 2 children.

    My goal:

    Currently, I am teaching Grades 9 to 12 Life Skills students at Chester High School.  My goal is to support the students in becoming as independent and productive as possible in their communities.   I have taught Life Skills students for approximately 17 years.  In the Life Skills classroom I focus on teaching the students how to build educational, work-related, community-based social skills as well as independence.  I have also taught a variety of other subjects including math on a variety of grade levels.  I am here to support all of my students and their parent/guardians. 

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