Pearl Cameron's Classroom

  • Chester High School Family!

    As the Principal of Chester High School, it is an honor to sail on the Clipper Ship and while carrying C-Pride.

    Chester High School Community is implementing the 5 C's

    • Care
    • Collaboration
    • Community
    • Connection
    • Communication


    Covid - 19 has brought many uncertainities for everyone in the School Community. However, we remain reslilent and determine to educate students of Chester High School. The CHS Admininistration, Teachers and Instructional Support Staff are working in unity to ensure the opportunites and access to education continue for our students.

    Our major goal is to collaborate by keeping the lines of communication open. As well as, making sure their is cohension between Administration, Teachers, Staff,Parents and Students surrounding education. During school closing, I plan to do weekly announcements using the One Call System. Therefore, parents and guardians it is extremely important to email up-to-date: cell phone or home phone numbers to Ms. Mills, Secretary. Ms. Mill's email address is

    If you need to contact me please email:


    Please vist Teacher Webpages for daily announcements and assignments. Also, visit  Chester High School Assistant Principal's, Guidance Counselors, Social Workkers and Climate Managers Webpage.


    Assistant Principals:

                                     Donna Scott-Brown      9th Grade  

                                     Ronald Brown              10th Grade Academy and Criminal Justice Academy

                                     Michael McCline           11th Grade

                                     Raymond Thompson,  12th Grade IT Academy

    Guidance Counselors:

                                    Aliya Covington   9th Grade Academy

                                     Dominic Desir    10th Grade

                                     Shanell Knox      11th Grade

                                      Tracey Felder   12th Grade

    Social Workers:

                                    DeAnne McCaskille

                                     Nina Patterson

    Climate Managers:

                                  Marvin Dukes           9th  Grade

                                  Vacant                       10th Grade

                                  John Shelton           11th Grade   (Student Dean)

                                   Keith Taylor             12th Grade