CHS Program Descriptions

  • Prestige Honors Academy

    The Prestige Honors Academy is Chester High School’s Honors program. We prepare students for success at the college level through dual enrollment courses and university partnerships with Delaware County Community College, Widener University, and Neumann University. The honors program is comprehensive, begins in 9th grade, and is a preparatory framework of advanced academics to inspire students for dual enrollment opportunities, college preparedness, and college admission. All students in the Honors Academy are expected to take the SAT by 11th Grade, and to apply to colleges and for scholarships. In the Honors cohort, students build strong relationships with their teachers while experiencing a rigorous education. View the Prestige Honors Academy Pathway to Graduation.

    Information Technology Academy

    The Information Technology Academy (ITA) at Chester High School is designed for students who either anticipate a career in a technical field or simply want to learn more about technology. Students completing the entire course of study choose either a programming track or an applications track and are eligible to take a number of industry certifications allowing them to either continue to college-level technology programs or enter directly into industry. See the Graduation Pathways document for a complete listing of available certification tests. View the Information Technology Pathway to Graduation.

    Criminal Justice Academy


    What do all these organizations have in common with Chester High School? Well, Chester High School provides pathways and opportunities for our students to become members of these Criminal Justice organizations. Here at Chester High School, we offer multiple law enforcement-related courses that open doors for our students.

    Our Criminal Justice Academy is a 3-year program with Dual Enrollment opportunities at Delaware County Community College, law enforcement shadowing opportunities, and network relationships with members of the Criminal Justice employment community. So, if you aspire to join one of these organizations or even are interested in law enforcement, come join us at “The Chester High School Criminal Justice Academy.” View the Criminal Justice Academy Pathway to Graduation.

    Ninth Grade Academy

    We know that transitioning to high school is an exciting time, but it may be scary! We are here to help! The 9th Grade Academy model focuses on supporting you from the first ring of the bell until you walk across the graduation stage four years later! Our 9th-grade academy provides students with a safe and supportive environment cultivating academic success and nurturing whole-student growth and development. Our student-centered approach instills a growth mindset in our students who acknowledge their own self-worth and education. This enhances self-advocacy, develops strengths, and provides resources that expand their capacity for college and career readiness.

    CTE (Career and Technical Education) Programs

    Automotive Technology at Chester High School prepares students to graduate with skills desirable to obtain entry-level employment. Students will learn basic skills to work on common automotive problems, including but not limited to brakes, rotors, tires, wheels, tune-ups, and heating and a/c systems. In addition to basic skill-sets, students will learn more complex concepts for engine diagnostics and repair. Students who complete the three-year program graduate with certifications in A/C and Refrigeration, OSHA, Valvoline, and Snap-On. After six months in the field, students are eligible to take ASE Certifications in up to eight (8) specific areas.

    The Cosmetology Program at Chester High School prepares students to successfully complete the Pennsylvania Cosmetology Practical Exam. The Cosmetology Curriculum includes but is not limited to: hairstyling, make-up application, natural hair styling, artificial nail enhancements, and facial massage. First-year students learn safety and sanitation procedures to complete basic manipulative skill-sets. Second-year students incorporate basic skill levels with intermediate practical skill-sets, while third-year students perform more Advanced Practical Skills requested by salon patrons. In addition to licensure preparation, students earn a 10 Hour Cosmetology OSHA and Barbicide Certification. All students participating in this Career and Technical Education Program are offered opportunities to attend The Cosmetology After School Program and Cosmetology Summer Program

    Culinary Arts students learn food preparation, restaurant management, and hospitality in a three-year program. Certification opportunities include Culinary 10 Hour Osha Certification and Servsafe Certification. This hands-on curriculum encourages student growth in the areas of organizational skills, sharpening communication, and promoting student confidence. In addition to training and certification students participate in SkillsUSA and Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C CAP). Whether students are baking cookies or creating a casserole, the students are gaining the necessary knowledge to enter the culinary industry with skills beyond entry-level

    Marketing students learn entry-level concepts of business, marketing, promotion, ethics, and finance in the first year of this three-year program. Students in their second year advance these concepts and begin to work with project-based learning to develop further understanding of marketing, sales, branding, distribution, and economics. Students continue in their third year to apply all these concepts and learn more about various industries such as franchising, tourism, and hospitality, international business, sports, and entertainment. Students who complete the three-year program graduate with certifications in Adobe suites, Microsoft suites, Google Suites, National Professional Certification in Customer Service, Communication Certificate, and Everfi (financial literacy) certification.

    View the CTE Pathway to Graduation.