Be Our Partner!

  • Welcome to Chester Upland School District Community Partnerships! 

    Partners are external groups that support the goals and mission of Chester Upland School District. We recognize that our success is based on strong quality collaborative relationships with our students, families, employees, communities, and partners. Our district seeks partners who share our commitment to quality education and quality organizational principles.

    Chester Upland has adopted the Request to Partner process with the goal of insuring that the programs operated by its partners adhere to a high degree of ethical and moral standards. Chester Upland reserves the right to routinely review the guidelines to determine whether modifications are appropriate in light of new developments in our organization.

    To ensure that our students achieve at the highest levels, we want to ensure that programs:

    • Enhance the mission of the district
    • Preserve the integrity of the district’s academic vision
    • Preserve equity of services being rendered to our schools
    • Preserve quality control

    Programs being proposed should meet the following requirements:

    • The program demonstrates positive impact on students’ achievement
    • The program demonstrates positive impact on students’ social emotional growth
    • Partnership benefits the students of Chester Upland School District and represents an investment by the partner
    • Partnership activities meet ethical and social standards of society
    • Goals and objectives are compatible with the district mission and philosophy
    • Partnership avoids endorsement of specific commercial products
    • Financial obligations and risks are defined in the RTP for both CUSD and the partner
    • Roles and responsibilities are defined for both CUSD and the partner
    • Partnerships consider how effective programs might be continued into the future
    • Communications to the public, both written and verbal are jointly reviewed
    • Partners program staff present needed clearances and background checks to CUSD
    • The building principal expresses interest in the program
    • Chester Upland seeks to adopt a student-centered approach that encourages the use of appropriate partner facilitation needed to enhance teaching, learning and to enable best practices while working with our students.

    Partnering with business and community organizations is a means to provide a network of support that produces positive educational and social outcomes for our students while benefiting the community.

    For more information about Community Partnerships, you may contact the Chester Upland School District at 610-447-3600.

    Complete the Request for Partnership Form