Transportation and Safety

  • Safety comes first when transporting students to their area schools. Good social and moral conduct is expected from all children using the district’s transportation services. The Code of Student Conduct states that students must conform to school rules, policies, regulations and applicable laws set forth by the Student Code of Conduct. To that end, all students are responsible with helping to make sure that school is a safe place. Students must behave responsibly and respectfully to other students, teachers, school personnel, visitors and guests. Students will not use indecent, obscene or foul language.  Parents have an obligation to understand the rules set forth in this Code and review the rules with their child. The bus rules below must be followed by all students riding on school buses. Violations of rules will be met with progressive disciplinary actions. 

    Questions or concerns? Contact Chester Upland Transportation at (215) 292-7680 or email

    For winter conditions, the CUSD inclement weather code is 451
    Student expectations for riding a school bus are as follows:

    • Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion and must remain seated until bus reaches its destination and is at a full stop.
    • Students are not permitted to bring food, beverages, or gum on the bus to eat.
    • Students must remain orderly while being transported.
    • Misbehavior that affects the safety and welfare of others such as throwing objects from the bus, fighting, smoking, leaning out of windows and or opening security doors will be punishable in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.