Extracurricular Programs

  • Clubs

    Chester Upland School District seeks to help our students develop new skills and interest in a unique learning environment that will stimulate curiosity while reinforcing essential academic learning experiences that are culturally and socially enriching. Extracurricular programs like clubs are designed to provide opportunities not typically experienced during the school day. In addition, clubs help students develop understanding concerning their personal-emotional knowledge of self and their social-relational knowledge relative to getting along with others. These are some of the clubs offered in the district:  arts & crafts, cheerleading, dance, debate team, drum line, fine arts, gardening, Hi Q, knitting, Reading Olympics, robotics, mural arts, newspaper,  and more.

    Athletics Expansion to Middle Years Students

    Starting 2009-2010, interested middle years students will be invited to participate in football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, softball, and track. These programs will create increased opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular sports activities. In addition, it will do the following: raise the academic and behavior expectations of student athletes; increase good behavior by using high standards for participation in athletics; and improve social emotional and physical development of student athletes. To participate students must have: good grades, good behavior, and desire. High school sports will be expanded to include Volleyball.

    These sports programs will be played under PIAA Guidelines between interscholastic competition & neighboring school districts just as our high school plays varsity sports and competes with other school districts. Clinics and camps will be offered to interested students

    Instrumental Music – Band 

    Instrumental music and band will be offered district wide in all schools during the school day or as an after school club.  It is our desire to develop the musical talents of all students. Instrumental music is offered in Chester High, Columbus, CUSA, Toby and Village. Over and above the general and instrumental music programs, Chester Upland will offer a “Sing to Learn" program for Columbus, CUSA, Stetser, and Main Street. In addition, a strategic plan has been launched with new curricular materials and a state aligned curriculum with the help of Musicopia and the William Penn Foundation.