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CUSD Celebrates Diversity at International Day Event

The Chester Upland School District (CUSD) proudly hosted an International Day celebration on May 23 to showcase the district’s rich cultural diversity.


The event allowed staff and students to explore and appreciate the various cultures and traditions represented within CUSD’s community.


Attendees were welcomed by festive music, decorations, and poster displays representing 13 different countries. These displays, along with short write-ups about the students’ countries of origin, were created by CUSD scholars enrolled in the district’s English Language Learners (ELL) program. Participants were also given passport journals to collect stickers as they visited different country booths, and families received helpful resources for bilingual individuals.


In addition to music and decorations, the event featured unique cultural foods, face painting, and flags from different countries. Dr. Carlena Parker, Supervisor of Academics for CUSD, who was instrumental in organizing the event along with the district's five ELL teachers, emphasized the importance of events like these. “Our district seeks to ensure that we are supporting all our students in creating an environment where students feel included and valued,” said Dr. Parker. “This event was important because we are committed to prioritizing our students' social and emotional needs by fostering a sense of belonging and acknowledging the collective genius of all our scholars.”


The event highlighted CUSD’s diverse student population, where six percent of the scholars are immigrants, with 90 percent identifying as Hispanic/Latinx. Currently, there are 150 students in grades K-12 enrolled in the ELL program.


“The event showcases this administration’s commitment to promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion,” said Dr. Latrice N. Mumin, Ed. D., MBA, Interim Superintendent of Schools. “I would like to thank Dr. Parker and the dedicated ELL teachers for their outstanding work in planning and coordinating this event. Their commitment and hard work are major reasons that this event was successful and a memorable experience for our scholars and their families.”


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